Y&Z 9th Anniversary Celebration

1.The theme of the 9th anniversary is THANKSGIVING PRAISE, FULL OF GRACE!

As our theme says, the whole event is warm, harmonious, pleasant and moving.


2. The company's chairman and general manager shared the journey of Yilin Leather's growth in the past nine years, and demonstrated a company with rapid progress and unlimited potential.



3. Various departments have carefully prepared the program for this celebration. Each program is close to the theme of the celebration and is loved by the family.

Everyone spends a lot of laughter and laughter.



4.Every time we have a company event, we must not pray for it. The general manager sends blessings to the country, the nation, the company, and the employees.



5.The second arrangement of the celebration went to visit a famous attraction. This year we went to the underground river of 5A, Liannan County, Guangdong Province.

Nature always gives people a lot of shock. The beauty and mystery of the underground river deeply attracts each of us. Here we feel the magic of nature.


6.Travel is always coming to an end. After a total relaxation, we will work harder into future work, exert our value and contribute our strength to the company's development.

There must be no less to show our big photo

As a global manufacturer of ladies' handbags, we will lead our team to make unremitting efforts to create value for our customers.