Work Together, and Create a Better Future

Since January 2020, COVID-19 happened in Wuhan, and then rapidly spread to the whole country. We, Chinese, were asked to stayed at home and couldn’t go outside for protecting ourselves.

Until March, the COVID-19 was been controlled in China, and we returned to work successfully.

Unfortunately, it started to spread all over the world.

In order to help control the spreading, China provided Medical supplies (e.g. KN95, N95, Protective Clothing, etc) to Spain, Japan, Korea, America, Germany and other countries.

Also, China arranged a team of Professional Doctors to help different countries. Hope everything would come well soon.



Talking about which industry is most affected during COVID-19, that is certainly Foreign Trade.

According to statistics, the Luggage and handbags Industry is most heavily affected,including our customers.



However, Y&Z Beauty still insists to work together, and get through the tough time together with all of our customers.



Everyone suffer right now, we sincere hope the COVID-19 can be controlled ASAP, and everyone can be back to normal soon. All industries will recover as before.

The following instruction for your reference during the corona virus.




We believe that all of us will be better and better.

And finally, best wishes to you, from Y&Z!