2020 New year Annual party

1.A well-planned venue, and the well-prepared host announces the start of the party at 19:00.  The chairman and the general manager delivered speeches, thanking the past year and looking forward to the next year.


2.The chairman led the management team to perform the passionate songs first. The song "Two for One" sang the morale of our team; The general manager and his family danced to add fun to the party; and there were versatile young guests playing the piano.


3.Various departments have prepared various programs carefully. The colleagues who usually work quietly have a longing for art, and present themselves differently on the stage of the party


4.It's time again for the most anticipated part of the staff ---- lucky draw!

 Everyone shook hands on the lottery ticket and carefully listened to the winning numbers read by the guests. Everyone expected to win,   and everyone cheered without a single number. At this time, everyone was completely relieved of the pressure and worry Only joy and   happiness.


5.Celebrate the birthday of our employees birthdays in January month;

Push on the cake, sing a birthday song, and wish all the best !


6.Everyone worked hard to rehearse the program in advance for the party, and showed the program on the stage. The judges carefully evaluated the ratings while watching the program. At this moment, the results of the program will be announced soon.

Sweat and effort must be exchanged for success!


7.In 2020, CHEERS!

   New year opens new hope! Be sure to thank all family members for their hard work.

   We have too much touch and hard work in 2019, and we have more expectations and dreams in 2020

   New year, new seven, new dream!



8.YiLin leather goods wish all the family a happy New Year and all the best