2019 Thanksgiving day party

1.Before the party, our leader led everyone to pray, to be grateful to those around them, to be grateful for what happened, to be grateful to be reunited, to be grateful for everything

2.Various departments performed well-prepared programs to enrich the content of the party;Playing piano, singing, sign language, everyone is immersed in a warm, moving, cheerful atmosphere.


3.The blue ribbon represents gratitude, encouragement, care and love.

" you are the most important person in my mind!"

 Tie blue ribbons to those who are important to us



4.Our family shares their grateful deeds for us, each story moved everyone present


5.Celebrate the birthday of our employees birthdays in November;

Push on the cake, sing a birthday song, and wish


6.Group photo of each department on this grateful festival 


7.Thanksgiving, let our colleagues who work in different departments usually gather together, we share the feelings, share the harvest, and share the deeds that touched ourselves. A blue ribbon of gratitude to our most important people, and our most sincere blessings